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Therapeutic massage

Neck, Shoulder, Office Syndrome

Symptoms found in office workers And found in people who behave Lifting heavy objects regularly Accumulated for a long time until the muscles in the neck, shoulder, shoulder to contract accordingly. When the contraction occurs Over a long period of time will form small lumps Up and followed by pain Some people may experience pain in the head or a numbness to one arm. Which symptoms are expressed Reflect that The muscles in the neck, shoulders, and shoulders become stiff for a long time.

Back Pain (Low Back Pain)

Symptoms seen in people with prolonged behaviors, long walks, sitting, or who regularly lift heavy objects Causes pain in the back muscles, waist or hips, the most common pain symptoms are dull pain. Back muscles The cause of the pain is caused by the muscles in the back to contract for a long time. Until you can feel that Muscles in the area become more rigid and if left persistent can lead to herniated discs.

Neck Sprain & Neck Pain

Acute muscle spasms This causes the neck to turn and does not feel stuck or interrupted when turning, most of the pain in one side. It can occur for a number of reasons, but there are similar symptoms: stiff neck, stiff tendons, displacement from the normal position, for example, sleeping on a pillow, using pillows, improper use. Playing sports or moving at the wrong time Severe misalignment Or may be caused by an accident

Migraine headache

Migraine It is more common in women than in men. Will have a headache on one side May move side But always on one side at a time The pain is throbbing. (Like a blood vessel) to perform common tasks such as walking or up the stairs. Will make the headache more severe Symptoms will improve if Resting still in a dark and cool room If not treated or received improper treatment Headaches last 4-72 hours. Other symptoms Common with headaches are nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light. I don't want to see bright light And didn't want to hear loudly

Frozen Shoulder

It is a condition in which the patient is unable to move the shoulder joint normally. Due to the pain in the shoulder blades that they cannot move Or stretch the arms freely Often there is pain When your arm has to be moved in the opposite direction to the normal, for example, tilting your arm back. Zips on the back of the shirt Wear a pullover shirt. Or even stretching the arm to pick up things from a height, etc. The shoulder symptoms are divided into 3 phases, including the inflammatory phase, the contagious phase, the relaxation phase, often found in patients aged 40-60 years.

Trigger Finger

Symptoms that occur and are often seen in people who work in the office. Or a group of people who have hand behaviors Fingers in regular hard work Causing inflammation of the tendon membranes, flexing fingers in the palm of the hand at the root of the finger Causing the fingers to move poorly Bend your knuckles and stretch them to find that there is a loud noise. Or sometimes unable to stretch back as before Or feel like your fingers are locked Often occurs with the fingers of the dominant hand

Knee pain

Having pain in the knee joint Often found in the elderly, which is caused by Degeneration of the knee joint Those who are overweight Persons with standing behavior For a long time Or another case found is the person who had an accident From playing sports The symptoms found in people with knee pain are pain in the knee, or some may experience inflammation. Which will have pain, swelling, redness, heat around the knee Make time to walk for a long time or when sitting on the knees. For a long time it will cause pain.

Ankle Sprain

Sprained ankle can have many causes, such as an accident around the body. Exercise, etc. There will be pain in the ankle, divided into 3 levels. Level 1: pain, swelling, pressure and pain in the foot. Level 2: ligaments and tissues around the ankle are partially torn. Extreme foot area Level 3: This level is the most severe. The ligaments in the foot are all torn. Can't walk on weight

Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow)

Pain in the bony bony on the side of the elbow, or pain along the arm In patients with severe pain Or chronic pain may be accompanied by weakness Especially for working in a tight grip Bending or tipping the wrist In conjunction with - supine hand in the first stage when the inflammation begins for about 3 days is often found in athletes. Or guest Who use their arms repeatedly over a long period of time, such as household workers, carpenters, etc.

Thai massage for health Thai Traditional Massage

As a massage to promote health Relieve body aches Prevent the occurrence of musculoskeletal disease Such as back pain, neck pain, etc. Thai massage to promote health will help stimulate the circulatory system to work better. Loosen muscles, reduce pain, keep your body healthy.

Aroma Massage

It is a massage with volatile perfume. Suitable for household elements It helps in healing and balancing the body. Mind and heart

Spa full Program (Spa + Body Scrub + Herbal Steam)

It is a massage to balance the elements in the body. And followed by cleaning the skin by means of scrubbing or rubbing to help remove dirt that clogs the pores, including old, degraded skin cells that cling to the epidermis to be able to come off quickly up Reduce dullness, dark spots, uneven skin tone And make new skin cells look brighter Shine up And followed by herbal steam It is the science of using heat therapy. Help relieve muscle aches Reduce muscle contraction Loosen the muscles and fascia Reduce pain and swelling And drive waste from the body

Foot massage to promote health

Foot massage is a massage on different parts of the foot to prevent and treat disease. And to stimulate various organs, including foot massage The inside and outside of the foot Help promote health By stimulating the circulation of blood and lymph in the body better and promoting the immune system. Helps prevent diseases such as constipation, measles, headache, etc. and helps detoxify and eliminate waste. Helps to balance all the functions of the body It has a positive effect on mental health by reducing stress and causing relaxation.

Herbal steamed picture

Stimulates blood circulation Helps to expel waste from the body through sweat Help loosen stiff muscles and relieve pain and fatigue. Improving the respiratory system Helps make the skin glow.

Salt pot

It brings the salt into the clay pot. Heat until the salt is cooked, 10-15 minutes, place on the herbs. Wrapped in persimmon leaves and white cloth Then put on or compress on the body. Helping the blood flow better. Help break down excess fat around the abdomen. Helps reduce body aches Relax the muscles

Herbal compress

Herbal compress is a combination of herbs. Brought wrapped in white cloth Most are herbs that contain essential oils by heat compresses. Help reduce swelling and inflammation Reduce body aches and pains Causing relaxation of both the body and mind

Postpartum Care

Causing the uterus to enter the garage faster Stimulates the contraction of the uterus Help to drive amniotic fluid Tighten the abdominal muscles The stomach collapses faster. Helps reduce pain, swelling, muscle aches and uterus pain, stimulating blood circulation.

Medicinal dispensing

Prescription treatment It is a specific treatment for patients such as the treatment of digestive system diseases. Respiratory system Immune enhancement system, control or patients who need to pay herbs together with the procedure Such as fibrosis Chronic musculoskeletal disease